Test Your Limits at the GMIT Sport + Exercise + Nutrition Day

One of the new events of the 2017 Galway Science and Technology Festival will be the Test Your Limits Sport + Exercise + Nutrition Day at GMIT, it’s the first year the event will be taking place so we asked Luke Smyth, one of the organisers to tell us about the event:



1. Tell us a bit about GMIT’s new SES and PHN courses

GMIT have recently launched two new courses in Sport and Exercise Science (SES), and Public Health Nutrition (PHN). Both courses are 4 year level 8 programmes with the PHN having just launched in September 2017, and Sport and Exercise Science having launched in September 2016.


2. Tell us about your 2017 GSTF event and what you have planned

During the full day event in Loughgeorge, we will have a morning and afternoon session which will showcase different aspects of SES and PHN and their respective technologies.


Each group will cycle through to a different workshop every 20 minutes. The students will be given the opportunity to participate in, and test their own ability in the following areas:


  • Jump height testing using the latest technology in mobile jump matt testing from Fusion Sport. These results will then be compared to the manual jump height testing system called Vertec.
  • 10 meter sprint speed using electronic timing gates. Students will be taught running mechanics and can compare their own speed to their speed after the taught intervention.
  • Reaction and coordination timing using our brand-new Batak Pro system. Within a group, teams will be created, and each team mate will get a chance to score the highest on the reaction timer game.
  • Build your own Sports Drink. Students will learn how to make their own sports drink with basic home ingredients. This will take place in the Loughgeorge kitchen/dining room.



3. When is it taking place and where?

It’s taking place at Galway GAA Centre, Loughgeorge, Claregalway on 23/11/2017 Session 1 @ 9:30am-12:00pm, Session 2 @ 12:30pm-2:30pm.


4. Who is it suitable for?  How can people get involved?

  • This is suitable for secondary school students age 15 and over.
  • Interested schools should contact Suzanne.ogorman@gmit.ie to book their group. Group size should be no more than 30 students, divided into two groups.


5. What can children look forward to seeing at your workshop?

Fun activities that challenge their ability within sport, sport psychology, and nutrition. This day is set to be really exciting, engaging, and beneficial for all involved!


6. Why is Galway Science and Technology Festival important to you?

It is important to us because the Galway Science and Technology Festival helps shed light on key areas of science which students may not initially like from in-class/text-book learning.


This week is an opportunity to show young students the practical applications of their core science subjects in areas such as sport and nutrition. The Festival can show students why these subjects are worth learning!


Galway Science and Technology Festival (13th – 26th November) is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s national Science Week 2017 #believeinscience.