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PRESS RELEASE –   4th February, 2016

TeenTech returns to Galway

Galway Science & Technology Forum partners with TeenTech UK

Galway Science and Technology Forum in partnership with NUI Galway are delighted to once again collaborate with TeenTech UK and bring their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) event to Galway.  TeenTech is an industry-led initiative that helps students understand how STEM subjects are the pathway to tomorrow’s careers and to give teenage inventors and innovators a head start!

In April 2015 the award winning event brought 300 teenagers from 30 secondary schools across Galway City & County to NUI Galway for a fun packed day of science & technology and over 140 scientists, engineers and technologists demonstrated interesting challenges and experiments to the students. Leading science and technology companies participated and explained about what career opportunities and the skills were required to pursue a career therein.

TeenTech events run in twelve regions of England and Wales and this is the second time that the event will run in the Republic of Ireland. The aim is to challenge out-dated preconceptions which students hold about what it might be like to be a scientist or an engineer.

This year the event will take place on Tuesday 8th March in the Bailey Allen Hall at NUI Galway and the Galway Science & Technology Forum are seeking companies to participate in the event.  There are three ways companies can participate – provide an engaging and interesting exhibition stand or a 30 minute challenge that demonstrates STEM in a fun and engaging way or provide scientists, engineers or people working in tech to spend the day with the students and answer their questions on life as an engineer.

Tom Hyland, Chairman of the Galway Science & Technology Forum in welcoming TeenTech to Galway said, “This was a very successful and enjoyable event in 2015 with some students saying it was the best event they attended during their first year in secondary school, we are delighted to be hosting the event again and see it as a very worthwhile and meaningful way of encouraging students to develop an interest in STEM subjects.”

TeenTech is the co-brainchild of technology broadcaster Maggie Philbin – known for programmes Bang Goes the Theory and Tomorrow’s World – and aims to nurture teenage innovation through the award scheme and supporting events in schools all across the country.

Maggie Philbin, CEO TeenTech says

“We are delighted to be returning to the Republic of Ireland and to be partnering with the Galway Science & Technology Forum. The jobs of the future will be going to young people who have skills in Science, Technology and Engineering. There are so many different opportunities and entry points and we want to young people of the region to understand they could very much be part of these industries. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a large global company, a research institution or intend to set up your own company – gaining certain skills will make sure you are ahead of the field. We are keen for companies in Ireland to come and show these teenagers why they should be considering career paths that lead to their doors. It makes such a difference when they hear first hand from young graduates or apprentices about why they enjoy their work. The young people listen to these near age role models and start to see themselves standing in their shoes.”  Philbin went on to say, “Feedback shows that companies very much enjoy the experience of taking part. Not only is it an opportunity to inspire young people but it’s a great personal development opportunity for employees”.

Full details on how to support TeenTech Galway can be found on the TeenTech website: http://www.teentech.com/teentech-comes-to-ireland/



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  • TeenTech is an award winning, industry-led initiative, co-founded by Maggie Philbin (BBC Tomorrow’s World) and Chris Dodson, OBE, Chairman of the Institute of Directors (South) who worked with Berkshire Education Business Partnerships, companies and business organisations to create a very special experience for young people. The first TeenTech ran in the Thames Valley in November 2008.
  • In 2015 TeenTech events will run in South Yorkshire, North Wales, Hampshire, Portsmouth, Surrey, Kent, Manchester, Humber, Bristol and London


The Galway Science & Technology Festival was founded in 1998 to bridge the gap between students and industry and encourage students to study STEM subjects at third level. The main event for the Forum is the two week Festival which will run this year from the 14th-27th November and will culminate on Sunday 27th November with a one day Exhibition in NUI Galway showcasing Galway as a hub for Science & Technology in terms of education from primary school to post graduate students, multi-national and indigenous companies and some fun and exciting science shows to entertain and engage the audience in terms of Science & Technology.  Other events arranged by the Forum include the CERN Exhibition “Accelerating Science”  in 2012 and sponsoring of Science Teachers from Galway to attend CERN’s HST programme in Geneva for three weeks each summer. www.galwayscience.ie