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The Galway Science & Technology Forum is delighted to be partnering with TeenTech UK and bringing to Galway their fantastic one day STEM event to NUI Galway on Friday 17th April, 2015 for first year students and their teachers.  300 first year students from 30 schools (10 students per school) in Galway City and County will be given the opportunity to attend and participate in this very successful UK event founded and run by Maggie Philbin, BBC Presenter and formerly of the TV programme Tomorrow’s World.


Booking Fee of €50 per school applies.  Cheques made payable to Galway Science & Technology Festival.


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TeenTech run lively one-day events to change perceptions of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers amongst teenagers, their teachers and parents. These are supported in the UK by focussed events for teachers and the TeenTech Awards scheme which provide a structure for teenagers to take their interest further, encouraging those who may never consider themselves as engineers or technologists.

TeenTech acts as a catalyst to encourage industry effort in engaging young people. Working alongside regional partners they ensure their work has relevance to the specific needs of every region that schools in disadvantaged areas can be targeted and that learning and inspiration continues after the events in a co-ordinated fashion.

Maggie Philbin set up TeenTech in 2008 to help the “X Factor” generation understand their true potential and get a hold on the real opportunities in the contemporary STEM workplace. Supported by Chris Dodson, then Chairman of the IoD (Institute of Directors) for the South, she brought together the key players in technology, business and education to create a lively but focused event that worked in the interests of both students and industry. Events now run throughout the UK to resoundingly positive feedback: 99.8% schools in 2012/3/4 saying they ‘definitely’ want to attend another TeenTech event.  This is the first time TeenTech will visit the Republic of Ireland.


“Britain is in the midst of another industrial revolution and only by engendering the spirit that allowed us to thrive so well in the first will we succeed in the second. For this to happen, we need our young people to see technology and related applied sciences as a future not which they might just benefit from but which they can help create. If you have the right skills, if you have the right network, if you have the right attitude, this is a time of opportunity. We have to make sure we equip everyone for the digital revolution. Not just a fortunate few.”

Maggie Philbin ‘Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World’ , 2014


Recognition for of TeenTech’s work

  • 2010 TeenTech  awarded “Best  Engineering Event” in Science and Engineering Week by British Science Association and Enterprising Britain Award for South East after being selected as the regional winner  for 2010.
  • 2011TeenTech only UK  recipients of a Google RISE Award to help pilot a UK rollout.
  • 2012 HRH Duke of York  becomes patron of TeenTech
  • 2012 Maggie Philbin & TeenTech win UKRC/WISE Best Outreach and Communication
  • 2014 TeenTech  receives a further Google RISE Award
  • 2014 TeenTech’s Maggie Philbin invited to lead  UK Digital Taskforce
  • 2014 First report published “Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World”

“It has been one of the most engaging events for students we have ever been to”.  Teacher, Reading.

TeenTech really works

It is a powerful and uniquely collaborative event, which changes perceptions. These are the results from our electronic voting buttons at an event in Reading.


9.45am                                                                                                                                              2.20pm














What happens at TeenTech?

TeenTech is a highly interactive event designed to inspire young teenagers and their teachers about the contemporary world of Science, Engineering and Technology. TeenTech will give first year students and teachers the opportunity to try their hand at experiments, to handle leading edge technology and, most importantly to spend time with the Engineers, Technologists and Scientists influencing their 21st century lives.

It’s a powerful intervention just before students make Junior Certificate subject choices, dispelling gender stereotypes and shifting perceptions of careers teenagers may have considered “difficult”, “geeky” or “boring”. The event is lively but very carefully organised. Students move in small groups, led by an industry “Ambassador” through the Innovation Zone, Insight Exhibition and Challenge Zones.  At TeenTech City on the Olympic Park, UK only 29% of girls arrived saying they were ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ interested in engineering but by the end of the day 71% felt that way.

TeenTech support all of the exhibitors, helping them to understand how to create and develop strong, focussed activities which really engage the students and their teachers. By highlighting different entry levels, including those for apprentices and technicians as well as graduates, they encourage young people of all abilities

  • Helps teenagers to refocus their thinking about school subject choices and to consider career paths they never knew existed.
  • Changes their perceptions about STEM and the people who work in it.
  • Gives some students confidence about their abilities they may not have found in the classroom.
  • Sharpens teachers’ knowledge about industry and provides plenty of ideas to enrich lessons.
  • Builds new relationships between schools and companies.
  • Makes companies aware of the latent talent in the classroom


A condition of attendance is for each group of students to share their experience when they return to school. They do this by leading assemblies, reflecting their day on the school website or making and sharing a video.


TeenTech Board 

“A generation sits in classrooms convinced subjects like Maths and Physics are irrelevant because they’re “going to be famous”.    I met one group of students, who when asked to name a modern scientist or technologist could only name Einstein.  Working on Tomorrow’s World allowed me to meet many brilliant and engaging people behind  inventions.  TeenTech does the same for young people, their teachers and parents before critical decisions are made over Junior Certificate choices” Maggie Philbin, Co-Founder and CEO TeenTech CIC, Science and Technology Broadcaster.

“Having spent much of my career working in Technology at the BBC I am thrilled to be part of TeenTech, helping to enthuse the Scientists, Engineers and Technologists of tomorrow that are so badly needs”.   Roland Allen, Director TeenTech CIC and Technology Mentor, Rolytech

“TeenTech opens eyes, bridges gaps and builds new relationships.  I’ve seen it in action in East London  creating a buzz, raising aspirations of young people and teachers, and inspiring one of the mentors to blog that it had relit his fire.  I’ve had so many opportunities through my        career in technology and I’m delighted to help inspire the technologists of tomorrow.”

Sue O’Hare, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC, Director of Enterprise, City University

 “Alongside the benefit to the teenagers is the positive employee engagement.  The engineers taking part display pride in their skills and company.  They expressed being inspired by the teenagers as much as they inspired with the questions from the teenagers giving a different perspective.  I personally believe within corporate organisations we should be supporting STEM initiatives    to build the skills we will need in the future”.  Valerie Elliott, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC


“Technology and Engineering are our future.  TeenTech is so rare in recognising this.  There are numerous initiatives to involve young people in understanding science but TeenTech is one of a very select few that shows the next generation how it can be applied.  I was ©TeenTech              CIC, A Community Interest Company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales No.7764930 delighted to be asked to be part of what I see as a vital task: engaging young people to be part of shaping our future rather than just being passengers on someone else’s journey.”

Professor Alan Woodward, Non-Executive Director, University of Surrey


“As Director of the Hull Education Business Partnership I have worked with TeenTech for over 5 years and I am delighted to join the board of an organisation committed to making a real difference to the future of young people of all backgrounds.  TeenTech is inspiring in so many ways.  Although intended to motivate young people, we know that teaching staff and employers learn so much from being involved.  This has helped to rejuvenate the school curriculum    and given a real boost to Science and Technology subjects.”  Sandra Cooper, Non-Executive Director TeenTech CIC , Hull Education Business Partnership.


The TeenTech Awards

TeenTech are run a very successful Award programme in the UK to help encourage the young people who attend their events to develop the interest and enthusiasm aroused on the day and also to bring some of the TeenTech experience to all students in the UK.

Students are encouraged to come up with ideas to make life better simpler or easier. Each of the categories is linked to the industries of the future and has a different global sponsor.  The Awards are a tremendous success, with entries from hundreds of teams across the UK.

The quality of the projects is remarkable and the category winners and the sponsors are then invited to Buckingham Palace to receive personal congratulations from their patron HRH Duke of York KG

TeenTech Sponsorship and Support

Companies are invited to sponsor this event in NUI Galway and appropriate branding, recognition and profile will be provided.

Companies and organisations will appreciate the ‘quality conversations’ with young people which the event will provide. They become very much part of TeenTech helping them keep completely up to date with real industry needs and the latest thinking.

Many organisations have observed that the event provides staff with a valuable structured opportunity to work with young people, less daunting than walking into a classroom. It also encourages deeper relationships with regional schools and local companies.

What teenagers and teachers say about TeenTech

“I am going to tear up lesson plans as a result of what I’ve seen”. Teacher, Humber

“I always thought scientists were quite tall with glasses and boring. And old. And usually men. But here they’re so full of life and funny” Lisa, 12


“I really enjoyed being allowed to be creative and think for myself and come up with my own ideas. I do have a tendency to take things apart and my Dad gets a bit cross about that normally” Ollie, 12


Not only did the students enjoy the day and come away enthused but so did I. It was great for getting to know about cutting edge technology and I have been inspired to develop new projects based on what I saw. Living in isolation in a school makes it difficult to keep up to date – I’m sending my 2nd in department next year” Teacher, Humber

“The live survey on how little understanding about science and engineering careers the students have was an eye opener. Makes us realise how much work we have to do to change this” Teacher, Humber

A great day and a really necessary event. Particularly for our girls, as we need more girls in science and technology” Teacher, Kent

© TeenTech CIC, A Community Interest Company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales No.7764930

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