Secondary School Shows & Workshop details for 2016

2016 Secondary School Workshops and Shows
Show Description Details
Brenda Romero talks Gaming Brenda Romero of Romero Games gives a one hour talk to Transition Year students about the Gaming Industry, life as a Gaming Developer and John Romero’s famour Doom Game. Suitable for Transition Year Students       Wednesday 16th November at 12pm in Aras Ui Chathail, NUI Galway.

To book contact Anne Casserly 086 8033709 or email


Dr Michel Dugon’s ‘Bug Doctor’ An exciting introduction to Zoology with very charismatic and exotic creatures.  Dr Michel Dugon, aka The Bug Doctor, will come to your school with a collection of live arthropods and reptiles dealing with essential scientific topics such as evolution, biodiversity and animal conservation.


School Hall or Science Lab;    Suitable for  Jnr Level & TY;

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True Physics by Declan Holmes Find out how planes fly with hovering sweets to exploring rockets and air cannons. Experience the fun of science by creating waves and play musical instruments from twirling tubes to boom whackers.


School Hall.  Suitable for  Jnr Level;

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Juiced: The Million Volt Electricity show by James Soper Fast-paced, demo packed show about the science and history of everything electric. From the first experiments in Ancient Greece, via the world changing discoveries in the 19th century to modern day generation and us Juiced is guaranteed to electrify.


School Hall.  Suitable for  Jnr Level

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3D Digital Design by WhizzKids One day IT workshop for Transition Year students including a IT career talk.  WhizzKids has been Ireland’s largest Ed-Tech training group since 2003. This workshop offer an ideal opportunity to introduce students to a range of digital skills such as Web Design, App Development, 3D Digital Design, Game Development, Graphic Design, Coding, etc. They provide all necessary equipment including a laptop for each student, software, experienced teachers, etc. Queries, please contact WhizzKids on 061-339178.


Suitable for Transition Year Students.  Classroom or IT Lab;

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Dr Ken’s Math’s Show It just doesn’t add up – or does it?
Further adventures into the world of numbers, patterns, shapes and unusual Mathamagical trickery.   Will your calculator be taken over?  Can you win the unwinnable game?   Unbelievable mental maths mind control secrets will be revealed.  Bring your pens, pencils and calculators to see if your numbers really do add up.
Location School Hall.  Suitable for Junior Level students;

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Galway Bay FM School Tours  

See and experience the magic of radio with a school tour for your class to the headquarters of Galway Bay FM, Galway’s No.1 radio station.  Learn how to make advertisements and experience the technology involved in producing a live radio programme.


Visit Galway Bay FM.  Junior & TY level.  Max 30 students.

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Open Day at the Marine Institute TY students are invited to meet scientists and see the work of the Marine Institute through a series of exhibtions including marine environment, fisheries, seafood safety, seabed mapping, research vessel operations and oceanography, including career advice.


Wednesday 23rd November two hour sessions;    To book: email
Smart Futures STEM Career Talks Supported by Science Foundation Ireland – these one your career talks are aimed at Junior and Transition Year students.  Scientists and Engineers from industry talk about subjects they studied in school and college and the career that followed.  The session is finished with a very engaging Q&A.


Date 23rd November 2-3pm

Anderson Theatre, NUI Galway.

To book contact Anne Casserly 086 8033709 or email

NUI Galway events

Fantastic DNA This year our show on DNA discovery is back, bringing hands on discovery of molecular and cellular biology to schools in Co. Galway! Young explorers can discover DNA by building a DNA double helix and extracting DNA from bananas to take home. Every participant practices all activities during an hour long interactive session.


School classroom or lab.  Suitable for Jnr Cycle students. 30 per class;

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What are we breathing? AIR QUALITY MATTERS Considering the average adult breathes about 11,000 litres of air daily we should really be concerning ourselves with the quality of our air.


Classroom.  Suitable for Jnr Cycle students.  Mon & Thurs morning or Wed afternoon.

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How to mend a broken heart’ – CÚRAM This workshop, presented by the CURÁM Centre for research in medical devices, introduces students to the functioning of the human heart and the role of biomedical engineering in protecting and restoring heart health. Students will have an opportunity to work in pairs on repairing damage to model hearts.


15 – 17 year olds   60-90 mins                           Location: ILAS Building NUI Galway

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Micro organisms are everywhere Students will learn in practical ways about the beneficial and dangerous aspects of our interaction with microbes, the importance of hygiene, and how antibiotics work.


School Classroom. Junior cycle secondary school, 40-60 students, 60-90 mins.

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Build a Burglar Alarm In this workshop students will learn principles of electronics and programming, and build their own burglar alarm using Arduino technology.


two 1-hour sessions, 30 students. Venue: School computer lab.

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NUI Galway Chemistry Society in the Lab Students will visit NUI Galway for an interactive session in the Chemistry lab, sharing the fascination and opportunity of chemistry research.


Location: NUI Galway Labs                         Senior Cycle/Leaving Cert students           30 students, 60-90 minutes

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Try your skills as a surgeon Join members of NUI Galway Surgical Society, learn about how surgeons are educated and try out some surgical training tools made in Galway from everyday objects.


Location: NUI Galway;    Duration: 60-90 minutes;

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Open Data App-making workshop Participants use a graphic or block-based programming language online tool that enables users to learn coding and to build fully functional apps for Android devices.  Participants will also be introduced to the societal benefits of Open Data  and to access and use Open Datasets to build map apps.


Date: November 16/23/24 Time: 12.30 – 3.30pm Location: Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway, Dangan Business Park

To book email

‘Hackathon for Girls’ In this team-based learning programme, female students will learn to work together in groups in order to make thematic websites. Participants will be introduced to an online code editor that makes it easy to create and publish web pages while being introduced to such programming languages as  HTML.  The event is part of Insight’s strategy of increasing an awareness amongst female teenagers of the educational and career opportunities that exist in the information technology research and industry sectors.


Date: Thursday November 17th Time: 9.30am-2.30pm Location: Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway, Dangan Business Park

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New Art, Old Computers’ exhibition An exhibition of paintings of vintage computers by artist Red Burke.  Inspired by a visit to the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland and from his memories of working at the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Galway when it was the world’s largest manufacturer of mini-computers, Red Burke undertook a series of paintings on the theme of  iconic computers from the 1970s-1980s period.


Date: November 23rd – 25th Location: DERI Café, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway, Dangan Business Park, Galway.                                                         No booking required
Visit the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland A fascinating insight into advances in communications from ancient hieroglyphics to today’s Internet. Location: Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway, Dangan Business Park.  Date: Friday 25th Nov 12.30 – 3pm

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Pádraic Pearse, the Murder Machine & Galway Schools 1912-1921 exhibition A photographic gallery of Galway schools during the period 1912-1921 from the BEO digital local heritage archives project.


Location: Galway County Buildings Date: Friday 18th November at 12pm   Booking not required.
Science on Screen Galway UNESCO City of Film with Galway Film Centre, in partnership with CÚRAM, Centre for Research in Medical Devices and Science Foundation Ireland have announced the two film commissions for the Science on Screen 2016 project. The two 26-minute movies will premiere at the Galway Science and Technology Festival.


Taibhdhearc Theatre on Saturday 19th November.  Booking details to follow.
The Outdoor Classroom: The Science of Farming with Horses A practical demonstration of ploughing a field with a horse and the scientific benefits that it brings to farming.Scientists from NUI Galway will also demonstrate the benefits of Citizens’ Science  by showing how to use a smart mobile device to record biodiversity at a local level in order to help  provide an insight into the state of Nature across Ireland.


Location: Terryland Forest Park (behind Lus Leana, Headford Road) Date: Sat 19th November 12pm  To book email

GMIT’s Events:


Main Event – The Science behind Sport

Other workshops Humpback Whales of Cape Verde screening (50 mins);  The Return of Laser Grid – a great laser challenger; Virtual and Augmented Reality (emerging technologies); The Internet of Things (IOT) tracking technology, home automation and real-time monitoring of sports performance; Quirky Quemistry – Fast growing crystals, forensics and other quirky aspects of chemistry; Physiology of Sport & Bacteria ‘it’s a bugs life’


Thursday 17th November.  Suitable for Secondary School students, especially geared towards Transition Year students.

To book: email

GMIT’s Scientist-in-Residence The popular programme returns, where a GMIT scientist visits a school to mentor classes carrying out a science-based project.


Primary & Secondary Schools