Secondary School Shows & Workshop details for 2017


2017 Galway Science & Technology Festival Secondary School Shows & Workshops


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Brenda Romero talks Gaming Brenda Romero of Romero Games gives a one hour talk to Transition Year students about the Gaming Industry and life as a Game Developer. A truly inspirational talk on the gaming and tech industry and how Brenda runs her global company from her office in Galway. Suitable for Transition Year Students       Thursday 23rd November at 2pm    Room MY243 Aras Moyola, NUIG Click to book
Sirius Science – a fantastic 3D Show: A Celestial Journey The International Space Station is mankind’s outpost in space and stepping stone to other worlds.

We will begin our celestial journey by visiting the Space Station to observe how astronauts live, and work, on-board this incredible man-made facility which is whizzing around Planet Earth.  We will then be transported back in time to see the beginning of the Solar System and witness our star, The Sun, burst into life. Along the way we will investigate what exists at the very edges of the Solar System and how we as a species are exploring our place in space. As part of our Solar System voyage we will see how our knowledge of Planet Mars has rapidly increased, and take a flight over the surface of the Red Planet using our latest knowledge and images as a guide for discovery.

Suitable for Secondary School students. Location: School Hall, blackened room. 150 per show. 3 shows per day. Setup 1 hour Click to book
Bug Doctor An exciting introduction to Zoology with very charismatic and exotic creatures.  Dr Michel Dugon, aka The Bug Doctor, will come to your school with a collection of live arthropods and reptiles dealing with essential scientific topics such as evolution, biodiversity and animal conservation.  Suitable for Junior Level students


Location: School Hall or lab or large classroom. 30 students per session. 1 hour sessions Click to book
True Physics Find out how planes fly with hovering sweets to exploring rockets and air cannons. Experience the fun of science by creating waves and play musical instruments from twirling tubes to boom whackers. Suitable for Junior Level.


Location: School Hall.  150 students per show. 4 shows per day. Click to book
Your beautiful Biased Brain by James Soper The world you see is not how it seems………………………..  James Soper (presenter of Bending it like Beckham and The REAL Science of the Circus) reveals the weird and wonderful workings of our brains and behaviour. Be prepared to have your mind warped and your world turned, quite literally, upside down.                                                                                          (This interactive, hour long show has never been performed in Ireland before. James returns to his first love and the subject of his degrees, Psychology.)


Location: School Hall 150 students per show. 3 shows per day Click to book
3D Digital Design by WhizzKids One day IT workshop for Transition Year students including a IT career talk and introducing students to a range of digital skills such as Web Design, App Development, 3D Digital Design, Game Development, Graphic Design, Coding, etc. All necessary equipment provided.


Suitable for Transition Year Students.  One day workshop. Click to book
NCBES Roadshow What does the future hold in store for the world of Science, Engineering & Medicine! Marvel at the latest technology during this one hour lecture by Liam Brennan aimed at Senior Cycle Students. Ideal for any students interested in pursuing a career in any of these disciplines.


School classroom.  60 students per talk. To book
Galway Bay FM School Tours  See and experience the magic of radio with a school tour for your class to the headquarters of Galway Bay FM, Galway’s No.1 radio station.  Learn how to make advertisements and experience the technology involved in producing a live radio programme.


30 students per visit.  One hour visit Click to book
Marine Institute invites your school to their exhibit at Galway Museum TY students are invited to meet scientists and see the work of the Marine Institute through a series of exhibtions including marine environment, fisheries, seafood safety, seabed mapping, research vessel operations and oceanography, including career advice.


TBC Click to book
Smart Futures STEM Career Talks hosted by GMIT Supported by Science Foundation Ireland – a one hour career talk aimed at Junior and Transition Year students.  Scientists and Engineers from local companies in Med Tech and Technology talk about their careers today including their experience of school, college and how they got to where they are today and what their job entails on a daily basis.  GMIT will also provide workshops before and after the talk.


GMIT Room 903, Friday 24th November.  One hour talk with workshops also provided. to book email: Click to book
NUI Galway events
Fantastic DNA Hands on discovery of molecular and cellular biology! Discover DNA by building a DNA double helix and extracting DNA from bananas to take home. Suitable for Junior Level students


Suitable for Junior Cycle.  30 students per workshop.  One hour workshops Click to book
Build Robots The aim of the workshop(s) is to introduce students to the Arduino platform and an Arduino graphic programming language such as Scratch. During the workshop students will learn to build and program a robot using a robot kit and Scratch.


School classroom.  30 students per workshop.  Suitable for Junior Cycle Click to book
ARM – Antibiotic Resistance Microorgansisms…..what would you like to know?? Appropriate use of antibiotics is key to halting the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Understanding what antibiotics are and when it is appropriate to use them will help to protect these important drugs for future generations.  The aim of the workshop outlined below is to help children understand the difference between microorganisms, to appreciate the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of infection and to understand when it is appropriate to use antibiotics and how to dispose of them correctly. The workshop will also introduce students to engineered nanomaterials, where they can be found in everyday products and how they can potentially interact with the environment.


Location: School.  60 students per workshop. Internet access required Click to book
Visit School of Chemistry @ NUI Galway Come to NUIG’s Chemistry Lab for a morning of Kitchen Chemistry and take part in hands on exploration of colourful and fun chemistry experiments. We’ll have everything from erupting volcanoes to gooey slime and everyone will have a chance to get involved. We’ll even show you how to do the experiments at home.


Available daily week commencing 13th & 20th November. NUIG Chemistry Lab.     30 students per workshop. Time 10.30am to 12.30.  Suitable for Junior Cycle Click to book
Try your skills as a surgeon Do you have what it takes to be surgeon? Come and find out.  Join members of NUI Galway Surgical Society, learn about how surgeons are educated and try out some surgical training tools made in Galway from everyday objects.


Aras Moyola, NUI Galway.  Suitable for Secondary School students. Click to book
GMIT Workshops
GMIT’s Scientist-in-Residence The popular programme returns, where a GMIT scientist visits a school to mentor classes carrying out a scince-based project.


email: Click to book
Marine Litter Explore latest research on plastics and microplastics – they come from and where they end up, how they degrade.  Shore based survey – how to monitor and record.


Suitable for: Transition Year students Click to book
Test Your Limits Students will be given the opportunity to take part in fun activities which would form part of the suite of testing procedures used with professional athletes.


Location: GAA Centre of Excellence, Loughgeorge, Co Galway.                Suitable for Transition Year and Senior Level Students.


Click to book
Talk on: Sports drinks uses and how to make your own Role of carbohydrates in exercise : Correct use of sports drinks : Making your own sports drink for exercise : Testing sports drinks Location: GAA Centre of Excellence, Loughgeorge, Co Galway.                Suitable for Transition Year and Senior Level Students.


Click to book
Workshop on Spaghetti Structures Investigate the strength of different structures, shapes and materials : Use observation, curiosity, creative problem solving and teamwork skills : Recognise how different structures and engineering processes are important throughout our everyday lives : Identify the different forces that can act on a structure.


Up to Transition Year Students Click to book