Secondary School Shows & Workshop details for 2018


2018 Galway Science & Technology Festival Secondary School Shows & Workshops
Not to be missed:  The Enigma Project – Spies! Secrets Messages! Code breaking! 


The highly acclaimed Enigma project will bring mathematics to life through the fascinating history and mathematics of codes and code breaking, from ancient times to World War Two and on to today’s world of hacking and Internet encryption. Hosted by the wonderful British mathematician Dr. James Grime, it will include a demonstration of an authentic WWII Enigma machine and the stories of its associations with Bletchley Park and the British mathematician, and father of computing, Alan Turing.

Suitable for second level students, the presentation and code-breaking workshop will be followed by an introduction to the pioneering research being carried out at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics NUI Galway as well as a guided tour of the Computer and Communications Museum of Ireland.

The Enigma Project

Dates: November 20, 21st, 22nd and 23rd (Tuesday to Friday).

Times: Two sessions times: a) 9am to 12pm & b) 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

Location: Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Data Science Institute, NUI Galway, Dangan Business Park.

Suitable for Secondary school students

Duration:  Three hours


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Brenda Romero talks Gaming

The recent recipient of the Grace Hopper Award at the Dublin Web Summit, Brenda Romero of Romero Games gives a one hour talk to Transition Year students about the Gaming Industry and life as a Game Developer. A truly inspirational talk on the gaming and tech industry and how Brenda runs her global company from her office in Galway.

Brenda is a BAFTA award-winning game designer, artist and Fulbright award recipient who entered the video game industry in 1981. As a designer, she has worked on 47 games and contributed to many seminal titles, including the Wizardry and Jagged Alliance series and titles in the Ghost Recon, Dungeons & Dragons and Def Jam franchises.


Location:  Aras Moyola Lecture Theatre,  MY129, NUI Galway

Date:  Friday 16th November, 2018

Time:  12.00 – 13.00

Suitable for:  Transition Year and Senior Cycle students

Group:  please advise when booking how many students will attend


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Sue McGrath’s Ireland’s Ingenious Engineers

This highly creative and exciting science and engineering show explores some of the amazing scientific discoveries and engineering feats endeavoured by Irish Scientists over a period of 350 years.  Your audience will have their curiosity stirred and will be encouraged to not only join Sue on her historical scientific journey but will also be encouraged to think like a scientist.

The Ingenious Engineers Show provides the opportunity to study many science concepts such as flight, the fire triangle, electricity, acid / base (alkali) reactions, neutralisation, the properties of solids, liquid and gases,

periodic table, forces, pressure and energy changes whilst also providing fun ways for everyone to engage in processes such as observation, experimentation, investigation, discovery and generation of questions.  Designing (probably) the best drinking chocolate in the world, creating a cloud in a bottle, colour changing vegetables, ice cream in a baggie and sending rockets sky high are just a few of the demonstrations that will be used to fire the spirit of discovery within and create lots of excitement.

Which gases are explosive and which gas helps to put out fires? Why do we call purple cabbages red? Why do we need to push the bicycle to help young ones learn to ride? Can we make marshmallows grow? Who was the

first person to walk on the moon?  With the help of lots of volunteers Scientific Sue will attempt to answer

these questions and many, many more. Come and join her on her latest journey of scientific discover and find out about the amazing science and engineering which is linked to Ireland’s Ingenious Engineers.

Location:  School Hall

Suitable for Junior Level secondary school students

Groups of 150

Duration:  50 mins

Dates: 19th – 23rd November

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Sirius Science – A Celestial Journey, a fantastic 3D Show

We will begin our celestial journey by visiting the International Space Station to observe how astronauts live, and work, on-board this incredible man-made facility which is whizzing around Planet Earth.  Then join us on a voyage to see the beginning of the Solar System and witness our star, The Sun, burst into life and much much more.

Location: School Hall (darkened)

Suitable for:  Secondary school students

Group: 150 per show, 3 shows per day

Time:  Setup 1 hour.

Dates:  Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd November


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Bug Doctor by Dr Michel Dugon

Dr. Dugon has presented Bug Hunters on RTÉ Junior, and is a lecturer in Zoology at NUI Galway with research interests in developing medications from venom of snakes, spiders and scorpions as described in his recent TEDx talk ‘The Secrets of Spider Venom’ broadcast this month, with over 800,000 views so far, at   The Bug Doctor will visit your school and give the students an exciting introduction to Zoology with very charismatic and exotic creatures, a live arthropods and reptiles dealing with essential scientific topics such as evolution, biodiversity and animal conservation.

Location:  School visit

Suitable for: Junior Level students

Groups:  30 students per talk

Time:  1 hour sessions

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True Physics – The Space Show by Declan Holmes

 This exciting show will take students on a tour of the solar system from our amazing Earth to the moons of Saturn. We will discover how lucky we are to live on a warm planet with air and water. We will explore what would happen if the Sun was a thousand times its size or if Mars crashed into Earth.

Location:  School hall

Suitable for:  Junior level students

Groups:  150 students per show

Time:  50 minutes each & 4 shows per visit

Dates:  19th – 23rd November, 2018


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Your beautiful Biased Brain by James Soper

The fantastic science communicator James Soper returns with his very popular show, Your Beautiful Biased Brain, the world you see is not how it seems………………………..  James Soper reveals the weird and wonderful workings of our brains and behaviour. Be prepared to have your mind warped and your world turned, quite literally, upside down.           

Location:  School Hall

Suitable for all ages

Groups:  150 students per show

Time:  One hour, 3 shows per day

Dates:  19th – 23rd November, 2018


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3D Digital Design by WhizzKids

One day IT workshop for Transition Year students including a IT career talk and introducing students to a range of digital skills such as Web Design, App Development, 3D Digital Design, Game Development, Graphic Design, Coding, etc. All necessary equipment provided.

Location:  School computer lab

Suitable for Transition Year Students

Groups:  30 students

Time:  One day workshop

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NCBES Roadshow by Liam Brennan

 What does the future hold in store for the world of Science, Engineering & Medicine! Marvel at the latest technology during this one-hour lecture by Liam Brennan aimed at Senior Cycle Students. Ideal for any students interested in pursuing a career in any of these disciplines.

Location:  School classroom or hall

Suitable for:  Senior cycle students

Groups:  up to 60 students per talk

Time:  1 hour

To book:  email

Galway Bay FM School Tours

See and experience the magic of radio with a school tour for your class to the headquarters of Galway Bay FM, Galway’s No.1 radio station.  Learn how to make advertisements and experience the technology involved in producing a live radio programme.

Location:  Galway Bay FM studio

Suitable for all students

Group size: Up to 30 students

Time:  One hour visit

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Annual ISTA Quiz

The annual ISTA quiz will take place in GMIT.  It is open to senior Cycle Students.  More details on how to enter from the ISTA  –

Location:  GMIT

Suitable for: Senior Cycle Secondary School students

Date & Time:  Thursday 15th November 7 – 9pm

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ARM – Antibiotic Resistance Microorgansisms…..what would you like to know??

Appropriate use of antibiotics is key to halting the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Understanding what antibiotics are and when it is appropriate to use them will help to protect these important drugs for future generations.  The aim of the workshop outlined below is to help children understand the difference between microorganisms, to appreciate the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of infection and to understand when it is appropriate to use antibiotics and how to dispose of them correctly. The workshop will also introduce students to engineered nanomaterials, where they can be found in everyday products and how they can potentially interact with the environment.

Location:  School visit

Suitable for: Secondary school students

Group:  60 students per workshop

Time:  One hour

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Chemistry for a Smart Future by Kitchen Chemistry by NUI Galway

The aim of the proposed project is to promote chemistry at sthe econdary school level, begin a solid and prolific cooperation between NUIG and secondary school and orientate teenagers in their future choice. We would like to engage secondary school students at the final year stage of their study.

We wish to make chemistry more approachable and concrete, we hope to bring chemistry out of the textbook and give to the students a real opportunity to apply the theory they learned in the past and get in contact with analytical techniques which will be subject of their leaving certs exam.

Location:  Chemistry Lab, NUI Galway

Suitable for:  Senior Cycle Chemistry students

Groups of 30 students

Date & Time:  16th & 23rd November at 10am

Duration:  Two-hour workshop

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Science taking Shape (maths workshop by Rachel Quinlan)

What connects the ancient Greek philosophy with the shapes of viruses, the hardness and brightness of diamonds and the remote site of Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands off Scotland’s north coast? The answer is five amazing shapes known as the platonic

solids. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore these objects, build them, discover for yourself why only five of them exist, and learn about their significance in mathematics, chemistry, biology, art and philosophy.

Location:  East Galway, school classroom or NUI Galway

Age:  Junior Cycle students

Group: one class at a time

Duration:  45 mins.  Two workshops per visit.

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