Primary School Shows & Workshops 2017 details


2017 Galway Science & Technology Festival – Primary School Shows and Workshops
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Galway Primary School Science Quiz by St Mary’s College We eagerly recommend participating in this event.  Compete for the Fr Seán Manning Science Quiz Trophy.  Four students per team and open to 5th & 6th class students.  Sponsored by Medtronic and plenty of great prizes.


Location:  St Mary’s College  Date TBC 5th & 6th Class email:
Sue McGrath’s Magical World of Bubbleology Have you ever wondered why bubbles float? Why we can see rainbows in bubbles? Why bubbles are round? Can we make bubbles in other liquids? What is the secret behind big bubbles?  Sue will attempt to show many incredible bubble tricks and then relate them to Science.


This show is for larger schools. Show Hall required.  3 shows a day. All ages Click to book
Brigit’s Garden: Nature’s Power Energy in Action: An exciting hands-on experience for 3rd to 6th class. Investigate solar, hydro, wind and biomass technologies.  Experiment with energy using hand-cranks, pumps and magnets. Explore energy concepts: Food chains, insulation and conduction.  Care for the environment: reduce your energy use.


Visit Brigit’s Gardens in Oughterard. 7 – 12 years To book: email
Atlantaquarium: Ocean Exploration Visit Galway Atlantaquaria where we believe in science, what will you see?
Join us at Ireland’s largest native species aquarium as we explore the science of the sea. Discover the science, technology engineering and maths of our ocean, as our aquarists guide you through the aquarium. Participate in the science classroom for a broad range of fun educational games that will expand your ocean literacy. 
Workshop takes c.2 hours. Max 40 students and time slots 10am – 12 & 12.30 – 2.30 7 – 12 years Click to book
Go fly your kite A great new workshop to the 2017 Festival.  Learn all about the history of kite flying : How does a kite fly?  : The physics of kites : The forces of nature : The assembly of the kite and finally designing your own kite. School Hall.  Takes 30 students at a time.  3 shows a day Click to book
Exploration Dome – We bring the Wonders of the Universe to you “Solar Quest” is a full dome planetarium short feature that demonstrates how the Sun and Earth are interconnected and that we are “Living with a Star.”  Granules, solar flares and coronal mass ejections are highlighted.  “Solar Quest” discusses the impacts of space weather and how the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protects all life on Earth.  “Solar Quest” features the role of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and how scientists are using it as a way to help identify and predict sever space weather.


School Hall.  Takes 30 students at a time.  5 shows a day All ages Click to book
Origami workshop with Tom Cuff Introduce students to the art of Origami and raise awareness of Origami as not only a STEM related activity but also an art form, and put the A in STEAM. This workshop will cover elements of the school curriculum including learning simple paper folding techniques and terminology and discover how Origami is used in the field of science and engineering.  Students will discover the math hidden in origami; find lengths, angles, shapes, and solids found during or after folding various origami diagrams; use origami as a way to get students excited to learn through the creation of art.


School Hall.  Takes 30 students at a time.  5 shows a day Ages 10-12 Click to book
K’nex Workshop K’nex sets are designed to maximize student engagement in today’s busy classroom. The innovative range brings to life key science, technology, engineering and math concepts by constructing 3D models for hands on, minds on learning.  A colourful, fun engineering workshop focussing on spatial building systems for all to enjoy.


School classroom.  Up to 5 classes a day. ages 7 – 12 Click to book
Xperimental What makes fire?  Burning marshmallows : Burning money : Hot air : A very bubbly bubble bath : An icy waterfall School Hall.  100 students at a time. 4 shows a day all ages Click to book
The Eccentric Energy Show with Dr. How’s Science Wows Where does energy come from? What types of energy are there and what amazing things can we do with them?  The Eccentric Energy show explores all this and lots more! Learn all about energy conservation and transfer through these fun and interactive experiments, from flying eggs to jumping sticks, to Dr. How’s very own Energy Machine!  Suitable for 5-12 year olds and has lots of interactive elements to allow everyone get hands-on and involved.


School Hall.  100 students at a time. 4 shows a day All ages Click to book
Lego Education Workshop Learn it Workshops are designed to inspire and develop the skills of tomorrow’s engineers. Our workshops are engaging, fun and most of all educational with children taking time to discuss, plan, design and develop their projects. They will learn about basic engineering concepts and see the results of their work through experimenting and testing with their project.


School Hall or Classroom.  30 students at a time.  4 workshops a day. Ages 7 – 12 Click to book
Fun Science with Jane McLoughlin’s Jane’s Workshop includes: Would you fancy trying easy science experiments with your primary school students?  Would you be interested in using recycled materials and every day foods from the local supermarket to learn about science?


School Hall or Classroom.  0 students at a time.  4 workshops a day. All ages Click to book
Galway Bay FM School Tours  See and experience the magic of radio with a school tour for your class to the headquarters of Galway Bay FM, Galway’s No.1 radio station.  Learn how to make advertisements and experience the technology involved in producing a live radio programme.


Visit Galway Bay FM 5th & 6th class Click to book
NUI Galway Workshops
Fantastic DNA Young explorers can discover DNA by building a DNA double helix and extracting DNA from banana’s to take home. Every participant practices all activities during an hour long interactive session.


School classroom.  30 students per workshop 5th  – 6th class Click to book
Little Cells Using visual and tactile accessories as well as interactive games, children discover that our body is made of cells, the smallest unit of life and that it contains different types of cells. In the last part of the session, the children will create their very own type of cell from jumping clay and will be able to take it home.


School classroom.  30 students per workshop 1st & 2nd class Click to book
Kitchen Chemistry Come to NUIG’s Chemistry Lab for a morning of Kitchen Chemistry and take part in hands on exploration of colourful and fun chemistry experiments. We’ll have everything from erupting volcanoes to gooey slime and everyone will have a chance to get involved. We’ll even show you how to do the experiments at home.


NUIG Chemistry Lab.     30 students per workshop. Time 10.30am to 12.30 3rd – 6th class Click to book
Energetic Food by Louise Horrigan Have fun with food! Learn how your body can use food for fuel, and see the amazing power of your own saliva. A hands-on interactive workshop full of food and Physiology!


School classroom.  30 students per workshop 4th – 6th class Click to book
ARM – Antibiotic Resistance Microorgansisms…..what would you like to know?? Appropriate use of antibiotics is key to halting the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Understanding what antibiotics are and when it is appropriate to use them will help to protect these important drugs for future generations.  The aim of the workshop outlined below is to help children understand the difference between microorganisms, to appreciate the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of infection and to understand when it is appropriate to use antibiotics and how to dispose of them correctly. The workshop will also introduce students to engineered nanomaterials, where they can be found in everyday products and how they can potentially interact with the environment.


School classroom.  30 students per workshop 4th – 6th class Click to book
Build Robots The aim of the workshop(s) is to introduce students to the Arduino platform and an Arduino graphic programming language such as Scratch. During the workshop students will learn to build and program a robot using a robot kit and Scratch.


School classroom.  30 students per workshop 4th, – 6th class Click to book
Mending the Musculoskeletal System by CÚRAM Learn about bones, muscles and tendons and how they work to move your body. Build your own hand, then, act as a surgeon to fix a damaged “tendon” by using materials included in your biomedical engineering kit.


School classroom.  30 students per workshop 3rd – 6th class Prebooked by schools
Lesson plan kits by CÚRAM Teachers and parents can download ready-made lesson plan kits linked to primary and junior cycle curricula about how the MedTech industry is creating devices to heal our bodies. Subjects include the brain, heart, muscles, stem cells, and biomaterials.


To be downloaded by teachers All ages Download here
The meaning of radiation and medical physics by the School of Physics NUI Galway Students will use digital monitors to acquire a range of data including radon levels in their classroom and school office on a daily basis and monitor how these fluctuate as a function of atmospheric conditions (they will be recording indoor/outdoor temperatures and also relative humidity). They (with the help of us and their teacher) will plot this data and compare if to regional values and national values and produce a poster at the end of the workshop which they will present at the final day expo in NUIG.  Skills developed include: Data handling; Air quality; Statistics; Presentation skills.


Classroom.  30 students. 4th class Click to book
The Shapes of Space

(Maths workshop)


Students will independently discover the five platonic solids, through hands-on construction of physical models. The significance in nature of these very special symmetric shapes will be discussed, as well as their amazing mathematical features. The workshop allows for a powerful but elementary mathematical exploration, or for a more physical approach that connects to the experimental sciences, according to the interests of participants.  

Aged 10+


One class per workshop





Wednesday November 15 (9.30-12)

Friday November 17 (9.00-11.00)

Monday afternoon November 20 (from 12.30 or so).

Wednesday morning November 22.


Can arrange NUIG visits

Click to book
GMIT Workshops
Marine Litter Explore latest research on plastics and microplastics – they come from and where they end up, how they degrade.  Shore based survey – how to monitor and record.


Classroom.  30 students. 4th – 6th class Click to book
Go Wild Series – Aquatic Animals ·      To discover aquatic animal adaptations for life in rivers

·      To find and view aquatic animals and insects living in local rivers


7 to 10 year old GMIT Click to book
Go Wild Series – Eagle Eyes ·      To learn about birds of prey found in Galway

·      To experience a close encounter with birds of prey


7 to 10 year old GMIT Click to book
Go Wild Series– Furry Friends ·      To explore the unique features of small mammals found in Galway

·      To catch and see small mammals

7 to 10 year old GMIT Click to book