Secondary School – NUIG & GMIT Workshops

NUI Galway and GMIT provide a wide range of workshops for the Galway Science & Technology Festival.  The workshops below are geared towards Secondary School students, booking details included.



13th – 24th November, 2017

Workshop Brief explanation Target Age and Group Size Location To book
Astronomy Board Game – Let’s Create Science Games Together! Students will play an astronomy board game and they will have the opportunity to learn about elements of game systems, complete a number of hands-on activities, physical game design exercises to create board/card games, play the games created by other participants, and have them play yours.


12 – 17

30 students per workshop

2 workshops per visit

2 hour workshop

Classroom or NUIG To book
Build Robots The aim of the workshop(s) is to introduce students to the Arduino platform and an Arduino graphic programming language such as Scratch. During the workshop students will learn to build and program a robot using a robot kit and Scratch.


Aged 12+


25 per workshop


1 workshop per visit

School visit


To book
ARM – Antibiotic Resistance Microorgansisms…..what would you like to know?? Appropriate use of antibiotics is key to halting the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Understanding what antibiotics are and when it is appropriate to use them will help to protect these important drugs for future generations.  The aim of the workshop outlined below is to help children understand the difference between microorganisms, to appreciate the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of infection and to understand when it is appropriate to use antibiotics and how to dispose of them correctly. The workshop will also introduce students to engineered nanomaterials, where they can be found in everyday products and how they can potentially interact with the environment.


12 – 17


60 per workshop


Available November 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th, 30th





School visit


Internet access required


To book

Fantastic DNA

Young explorers can discover DNA by building a DNA double helix and extracting DNA from bananas to take home. Every participant practices all activities during an hour long interactive session.



Junior Cycle


School visit

To book

Kitchen Chemistry

Come to NUIG’s Chemistry Lab for a morning of Kitchen Chemistry and take part in hands on exploration of colourful and fun chemistry experiments. We’ll have everything from erupting volcanoes to gooey slime and everyone will have a chance to get involved. We’ll even show you how to do the experiments at home.  

Junior Cycle


30 students per workshop


10.30am to 12.30



Available daily week commencing 13th & 20th November.

To book
The Shapes of Space

(Maths workshop)


Students will independently discover the five platonic solids, through hands-on construction of physical models. The significance in nature of these very special symmetric shapes will be discussed, as well as their amazing mathematical features. The workshop allows for a powerful but elementary mathematical exploration, or for a more physical approach that connects to the experimental sciences, according to the interests of participants.  

Junior Cycle


25 students per workshop


Workshop last one hour



Wednesday November 15 (9.30-12)

Friday November 17 (9.00-11.00)

Monday afternoon November 20 (from 12.30 or so).

Wednesday morning November 22.


Can arrange NUIG visits

To book



Workshop Brief explanation Target Age and Group Size Location To book
A new 3D World Virtually 3D visualisation on your smartphone

3D printing

3D scanners

How Virtual Reality works

Secondary School

90 mins per workshop

1 session per day

30 students per session

16th November

23rd November

GMIT To book
Marine litter Explore latest research on plastics and microplastics – they come from and where they end up, how they degrade

Shore based survey – how to monitor and record.


Transition Year (1 class per session) Can visit school or host in GMIT To book
Test Your Limits Students will be given the opportunity to take part in fun activities which would form part of the suite of testing procedures used with professional athletes.


16 years +

Groups of 12

GAA Centre Loughgeorge To book
Sports drinks

uses and how to make your own

Role of carbohydrates in exercise

Correct use of sports drinks

Making your own sports drink for exercise

Testing sports drinks



16 years +

Groups of 12

GAA Centre Loughgeorge To book
Spaghetti Structures Investigate the strength of different structures, shapes and materials

Use observation, curiosity, creative problem solving and teamwork skills

Recognise how different structures and engineering processes are important throughout our everyday lives

Identify the different forces that can act on a structure.


13-16 Can visit school or host in GMIT To book
Flooding! Impact of urban development and rainfall intensity Conduct two experiments to investigate how different rainfall conditions produce different examples of overland flow.

To design and build a new housing estate in the hydrology bench and investigate the impact that it has on overland flow.

Suggest ways in which overland flow could be reduced or prevented.

Consider the impact of a weir in open channel flow.


15 to 18

Groups of 15

Can visit school or host in GMIT To book
Scientist-in-Residence Unique scheme where GMIT will provide the services of a scientist to advise a school in designing and running a science or technology project.  The scheme allows for 3 school visits


Secondary / TY School visit To book
Ready to be inspired This workshop explores different career for women in STEM showcasing a number of successful women and the paths they have taken. It opens up the minds of young women to areas they may not have considered before and encourages them to do some research into what options are available for them


Secondary / TY School visit To book
Annual ISTA Quiz The annual ISTA quiz will take place in GMIT.  It is open to senior Cycle Students.  More details on how to enter from the ISTA  – Senior Cycle GMIT

16th November, 2017




To book