Galway Primary School Science Quiz by St Mary’s College

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St. Mary’s College, Science Department is hosting Galway’s Primary School Science Quiz on FriScience-imageday, November 16th from 1:30 to 3.30 pm.  The competition will be run in the format of a table quiz, and schools are invited to send up to four teams comprising of 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils.


The questions will be based on the National  School science and math curricula, and will also have a sprinkling of general knowledge science questions thrown in to spice things up. There will be loads of prizes on the day

The quiz has been organised to honour the memory of their former colleague Fr. Seán Manning. Seán was an esteemed science and chemistry teacher at St. Mary’s for 40 years before his retirement. He then returned to the College as Chaplain and had a particular interest in meeting first-year students as they arrived to start their education at the College, in which he himself had been a student. They are inviting the best young scientific minds in Galway to battle it out for the Fr. Seán Manning Shield, and the honour of being the best science primary school in the city area.
If you are interested in participating please see   and e-mail There is no entry fee required but we do request that you inform us of your intended participation so that we can have the necessary materials in place.


National School Science Quiz 2015: Sample question sheet

1. Name the mineral found in bones.

2. Red cells and platelets are two types of blood cell. What is the third one?

3. What is the name of the gas that we make in the body and breathe out through the lungs?

4. Is a sponge an animal, a plant or neither?

5. Was a stegosaurus a herbivore or a carnivore?

6. This predator is a large white and black mammal who likes to eat seals. Name it.

7. Does water expand or contract when it freezes?

8. What gas makes up most (78%) of the air around us?

9. What is the name given to an energy type that can be used over and over again?

10. What is the name of the closest planet to our sun?

11. Give the name of the force that always works in opposition to movement on a surface

12. What are the names given to the two poles on a magnet?

13. What is the main name for the component (part) of an electrical circuit that lets the electricity either flow or stop?

14. In a plug which colour wire is the live one?

15. Red, Yellow, Orange, Indigo, Green and Violet. What rainbow colour is missing?

16. Normal conversation has a sound level of 60dB. What does dB stand for?

17. Is seawater a mixture or a compound?

18. Stainless steel is made up of a mixture of the metals Iron, Chromium and Nickel. What is the chemical name for a mixture of metals?

19. Which of the following is the largest? 68%, 4/7 or 0.65

20. What essential gas is needed for any fire to burn?