School of Natural Sciences Next Top Model

Next Top Model

Meet with scientists and discover the research topics of the School of Natural Sciences at NUI Galway!

Which model will succeed to last year winner, hydactinia echinata, a relative of the sea anemone and the jellyfish that can regrow any lost body part, and does not age biologically?

The exhibition allows the general public to discover up to eight model organisms used in research by the School of Natural Sciences at NUI The chromosomeGalway. Through observation of these organisms and discussion with researchers about their specific use in research, the visitors will select their favourite model. The public will vote for their favourite model, elected the next top model organism 2014!

A draw will be organized among participants to win a visit in the the School of Natural Sciences reseach laboratories. The next top model organism workshop is supported by a SFI Discover award.

Capacity: 40

Duration: 40’

Shows: 4 at the following time: 11.00 12.30 14.00 15.30

Suitable for: parents and children (from 10 years old)



  •  It was great and now I want to work in a lab when I’m older!
  • It was all fantastic! I had fun and it was interesting.
  • Brilliant, amazing. A great experience, definitely coming back next year!
  • I found it very informative and before I came today I would have never had an interest now I do.
  • This was class!


  •  Fantastic, see you next year!
  • Well done on level of knowledge and simplifying topics. Very interesting presentation!
  •  All were excellent and most encouraged my children to study. Keep up the good work. 



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