Well Done To The 2017 Winners of The Fr. Seán Manning Primary School Science Quiz

Well done to all the teachers and schools that took the time on a Friday afternoon to attend the annual Fr. Seán Manning Primary School Science Quiz! Here’s a special word of thanks from Anthony Carey and his colleagues and students in St Mary’s College who make this event happen.



A message from organiser Anthony Carey, Science Department, St. Mary’s College Galway 


A brilliant big thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who attended the third running of the Fr. Seán Manning Quiz on Friday afternoon. It was another great success with a record 50 teams competing…way more than we had anticipated!

The standard of answering across the board was exceptional, proving that the future of science and technology is in safe hands! Probably more importantly, based on the volume levels and sounds of echoing laughter across the Mary’s study hall, the pupils seemed to enjoy themselves, while the raft of empty coffee cups showed that the teachers stayed focused too!!
Throughout the competition there were a number of changes to the leader board, and right up until the very last minute the outcome was in doubt. However, in the end there can be only one winner, and this year’s winning school were St. John the Apostle, Knocknacarra, regaining the trophy they last won in 2015.
They also took home their winners trophies and their brand new laptop, excellent prizes sponsored by Medtronic. Second place was an even tighter affair with four schools tied, a single point behind the winners.
The top ten in order were
1st St. John the Apostle Knocknacarra 42
Joint 2nd Cashel NS 41
Joint 2nd St. Patrick’s Tuam 41
Joint 2nd St. Patrick’s Tuam 41
Joint 2nd Craughwell NS 41
Joint 2nd St. Patricks Galway 40
6th St. John the Apostle Knocknacarra 39
Joint 7th Bushypark NS 1 39
Joint 7th Bushypark NS 2 38
9th Scoil Mhuire Clarinbridge 37
Joint 10th Gaeilscoil Iarfhlatha 37
Joint 10th Ballinderry  37
If any school wants their score from the day just drop Anthony an e-mail to acarey@stmaryscollege.ie.
Here are the questions used for this year’s quiz so that you can start getting ready for next year. Again, a big thank you for all the schools for their participation!

Fr. Seán Manning Science Quiz 2017 Question Sheet

Round 1

  1. Tendons join what to bones?
  2. Name the seventh planet of our solar system
  3. What is the role of red blood cells in our body?
  4. What is the name of the process used by plants to make food from light?
  5. What organ of the human body is used to exchange gases?
  6. What is the harmful part of sunshine that causes sunburn?
  7. What force always acts in opposition to movement and can be used in the brakes of a bike?
  8. Liquid is a state of matter. Name the other two

Round 2

  1. Which of the following are elements; air, sulphur, salt, water, gold
  2. What would happen to a glass bottle full of water left in a freezer overnight?
  3. Recycle, reuse and what are the three pillars of correct waste disposal
  4. Is the dinosaur shown an: a= Triceratops, B = Allosaurus C = Stegosaurus D = Diplodocus
  5. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered what important type of medicine to fight diseases?
  6. What simple phenomenon, caused by a blockage, shows that light travels in straight lines
  7. What P is caused by harmful additions to the environment?
  8. What part of an ecosystem is called fauna?

Round 3

  1. On the moon which would hit the ground first if dropped at the same time from the same height; a hammer or a feather?
  2. Which of the following methods could be used to separate salt from water; Filtration , Evaporation or Sedimentation?
  3. What phenomenon is caused when the sun can’t be seen behind the moon?
  4. What is the common name for the fruit of the oak tree?
  5. A cockapoo is a breed of dog arising from what two breeds?
  6. What scientist gave us the Laws of Gravity?
  7. What is the name of the process that changes water into ice
  8. Which animal shown lives in a drey?

Round 4

  1. What is the name of the pointy teeth that are exaggerated in Vampires
  2. What does the second ‘a’ stand for in NASA?
    Agency, Administration or Association
  3. What material are spider’s webs made out of?
  4. What gas is essential for the germination of all seeds?
  5. In which animated films would you find the character simba?
  6. Cl is the chemical symbol for what element?
  7. Which number is bigger…. 55 or 3/5
  8. Does sound travel fastest through wood, air or water?

Round 5

  1. What is measured using degrees centigrade?
  2. What organ of the body contains a drum, a hammer and an anvil?
  3. What would happen if the like poles of a magnet came together?
  4. What is a perishable material?
    one that’s very strong
    b. One that can dissolve
    C. One that goes bad    eventually
    d. One that is shiny?
  5. What method of heat transfer is mainly used to boil water in a kettle?
    b. convection
    c. conduction
  6. What type of magnet can be made using a battery, an iron nail and some copper wire?
  7. What colour is the middle light in a traffic light?
  8. Name the part of the plug shown by the arrow

Round 6

  1. What substance forms on a steel nail when it is exposed to air and water?
  2. In science what does the symbol shown indicate?
  3. What name is given to the widespread cutting down of trees in an ecosystem?
  4. What is measured using the Beaufort scale?
  5. Many of you might have a Samsung phone, but what country is Samsung from?
  6. Sedimentary and metamorphic are two types of rock. What’s the third?
  7. What is the main type of wire found in electrical circuits in your house made from?
  8. Do you know the name of the star constellation shown?