2018 Primary School Programme of events

Primary school

2018 Galway Science & Technology Festival

Primary School Shows and Workshops

Galway Primary School Science Quiz by St Mary’s College

This is a fantastic Primary School Science Quiz for 5th & 6th class, in 2017 over 40 teams took part.  Compete for the Fr Seán Manning Science Quiz Trophy.  Four students per team and open to 5th & 6th class students.  Sponsored by Medtronic and plenty of great prizes.


Date: Friday 16th November 1.30 – 3.30

Location:  St Mary’s College, St Mary’s Road, Galway

Age:  5th & 6th class


To book:  email: acarey@stmaryscollege.ie


Brigit’s Garden: Nature’s Power Energy in Action: An exciting hands-on experience


Investigate solar, hydro, wind and biomass technologies.  Experiment with energy using hand-cranks, pumps and magnets. Explore energy concepts: Food chains, insulation and conduction.  Care for the environment: reduce your energy use.


Location:  Visit Brigit’s Gardens in Oughterard.

Age:  3rd to 6th class

Group: 30 students per visit



To book: email hedda@brigitsgarden.ie


Atlantaquarium: Ocean Exploration


Visit Galway Atlantaquaria where we believe in science, what will you see?  Join us at Ireland’s largest native species aquarium as we explore the science of the sea. Discover the science, technology engineering and maths of our ocean, as our aquarists guide you through the aquarium. Participate in the science classroom for a broad range of fun educational games that will expand your ocean literacy.


Location:  Atlantaquaria, Salthill

Age: 7-12 years

Group:  Up to 40 students

Workshop takes c.1.45 hours.

Time slots 10am – 11.45 & 12.15 – 2.00


To book:  email info@nationalaquarium.ie


Toodlelou Rocket Power WorkshopA STEAM challenge for budding designers and engineers.



What gives a rocket it’s incredible power? Can a rocket be powered by just one person? How high can a make-it-yourself rocket soar? These are the questions we’ll be exploring in this hands-on STEAM workshop for primary students.


Together with children and their teachers, we’ll get our hands dirty experimenting and making in this practical workshop. Participants’ brains will be firing on all cylinders as we bring their excitement for science, engineering and design to great heights!


Location: School visit, classroom based.

Age:  7 +

Group: 30 students at a time.

Time: 45 mins per workshop & 4 shows a day


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Exploration Dome bring you ‘Sunstruck, explore the sun’


Travel back to the beginning of time and experience the birth of the sun.

Sunstruck takes us on a journey to discover the wonders of our magnificent sun and

investigate how our star has supported life on Earth for millennia. This program

includes information on the structure of our sun, the source of its energy, and how

solar activity impacts our world.


Location:  School Hall

Age:  all ages

Group:  30 students at a time

Time:  30 mins per show


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Origami workshop with Tom Cuff


Introduce students to the art of Origami and raise awareness of Origami as not only a STEM related activity but also an art form, and put the A in STEAM. This workshop will cover elements of the school curriculum including learning simple paper folding techniques and terminology and discover how Origami is used in the field of science and engineering.  Students will discover the math hidden in origami; find lengths, angles, shapes, and solids found during or after folding various origami diagrams; use origami as a way to get students excited to learn through the creation of art.


Location:  School visit, classroom visit

Age: 10+

Group:  30 students per workshop

Time: 1.5 hrs


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K’nex Workshop  


K’nex sets are designed to maximize student engagement in today’s busy classroom. The innovative range brings to life key science, technology, engineering and math concepts by constructing 3D models for hands on, minds on learning.  A colourful, fun engineering workshop focussing on spatial building systems for all to enjoy.


Location: School visit, classroom or hall

Age: 7 – 12

Group: 30 students at a time

Time: 5 workshops per day


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Xperimental – A Blast of Air


Join us as we explore the air around us! How does air pressure work? Can you blow up the world’s biggest balloon? Using lots of air pressure! Balls floating in the air, driving a hovercraft and flying an aeroplane! Our air machine will blow you away with giant smoke rings!


Location: School Hall

Age: All ages

Group: 100 students per show

Time: 4 shows per day


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Dr. How’s Science Wows – The Eccentric Energy Show


Where does energy come from? What types of energy are there and what amazing things can we do with them?  The Eccentric Energy show explores all this and lots more! Learn all about energy conservation and transfer through these fun and interactive experiments, from flying eggs to jumping sticks, to Dr. How’s very own Energy Machine!


Location: School Hall

Age: All ages

Group: 100 students per show

Time: 45 mins


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Lego Education Workshop by LearnIT


Learn it Workshops are designed to inspire and develop the skills of tomorrow’s engineers. Our workshops are engaging, fun and most of all educational with children taking time to discuss, plan, design and develop their projects. They will learn about basic engineering concepts and see the results of their work through experimenting and testing with their project.


Location:  School Hall or classroom

Age: 7 – 12

Group: 30 students per workshop

Time: One hour, four workshops per day


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Fun Science with Jane McLoughlin


Hands-on, fun-filled workshops for primary school students of all classes using recycled items and easy-to-source supermarket supplies.

Simple, practical investigations during the workshops are guaranteed to stimulate your students’ interest in the world around them.

Primary school teacher and science demonstrator Jane McLoughlin will work with students and teachers to enhance scientific skills and knowledge in a fun and relaxed environment.


Location: School Hall or Classroom

Age: All ages

Group: 30/60 students per workshop

Time: 4 workshops per day


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Galway Bay FM School Tours


See and experience the magic of radio with a school tour for your class to the headquarters of Galway Bay FM, Galway’s No.1 radio station.  Learn how to make advertisements and experience the technology involved in producing a live radio programme.


Location:  visit Galway Bay FM

Age:  5th & 6th class

Group: 30 students per visit

Time: 10.30am


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Science taking Shape (maths workshop by Rachel Quinlan)


What connects the ancient Greek philosophy with the shapes of viruses, the hardness and brightness of diamonds and the remote site of Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands off Scotland’s north coast? The answer is five amazing shapes known as the platonic

solids. In this hands-on workshop you will explore these objects, build them, discover for yourself why only five of them exist, and learn about their significance in mathematics, chemistry, biology, art and philosophy.


Location:  East Galway, school classroom or NUI Galway

Age:  10+

Group: one class at a time

Duration:  45 mins.  Two workshops per visit.


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Inside the Brain – by Fiona Martyn


What are our brains made of and how do they work? Learn how our neurons connect to make networks so that we can sing songs, scratch our noses, and think about what we want for dinner.


Location:  School visit

Age: 7+

Group: 25 students

Duration: 1 hour


Prearranged with schools.

Lesson plan kits by CÚRAM


Teachers and parents can download ready-made lesson plan kits linked to primary and junior cycle curricula about how the MedTech industry is creating devices to heal our bodies. Subjects include the brain, heart, muscles, stem cells, and biomaterials.


To be downloaded by teachers

Suitable for all ages


Download here


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