Don’t Miss These Fun ‘Walk-In’ Events at GSTF Exhibition Day!

While all the workshops and shows are going on, there’s lots of walk-in exhibits, stands and demonstrations at this year’s Exhibition Day, plenty of things to do without booking in advance. Here’s our round up of all the fun things that you can do during the Exhibition, they are all free and all take place this Sunday 26th November at NUI Galway:


#1. Become a Doctor for the Day with Medtronic


Carmen Hodgson (5) and her sister Talia Hodgson (7) from St. Nicholas N.S., Claddagh and originally from NeW York, enjoy the Medtronic exhibition in NUI Galway as part of the Galway Science & Technology Festival. Photo: Andrew Downes, Xposure.


Medtronic plans to wow all with their interactive ‘kids hospital’ where children can gown-up like a doctor and perform surgery in the play operating theatre at their stand in the Bailey Allen Hall.


#2. See Robots Writing on Ping Pong Balls with Cisco



Cisco combine their great Products with some of the latest fun gadgets available in the market. At their stand this year, they’ll have the Cisco Emergency Communication Kit, a Mobile ‘Spark-bot’, the Ankh-drive, Robots writing on the ping-pong balls, Minecraft and much much more.


#3. Learn about Bees, Blood, Botany, Bacteria and more with NUI Galway



A wide variety of science and technology from all corners of the University will be on display at their stand in the Bailey Allen Hall:

  • The Surgical Society will demonstrate simulated laparoscopic surgeries.
  • A Zoology exhibition will showcase the importance of honeybees, with beesuits and a fully assembled beehive, some honey from our NUI Galway hives, and pinned, native Irish bees along with their predators.
  • Learn about blood – and even pipette some ‘fake blood’ – at the Blood Cancer Network Ireland exhibition, where interactive toys and microscopes show the world inside your veins.
  • Learn about plants, algae, seagrasses and pollinators at the Botany and Plant Science exhibition. See how seaweed can change colour when in and out of the water, and brave the ‘Touch me if You Dare’ boxes which may contain some cold and slimy plants!
  • Explore the world of bacteria and Microbiology and see what’s lurking on a toilet seat or a computer keyboard.
  • Get involved in the interactive exhibition from the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) to learn about Stem Cells, how these are used to make different, new cells in medicine, and where the stem cells in your body are!
  • See a really ‘super cool’, and visually striking, experiment at the Physics exhibition where a very, very cold ‘superconductor’ material will levitate, and race around a circular track made of strong magnets!
  • Or see the famous, Galway energy-efficient car (better known as the Geec).
  • And finally, visit the interactive Robot Zone at the Information Technology and Computer Science exhibition to see Humanoid Lego Mindstorms, Robot Claw Bot, Explorer Bot and Hammer Bot. Beat the robots at Connect 4 or play Let’s Break Stuff to fire slingshots at crockery, glasses and bottles!


#4. Unleash Your Inner CSI with GMIT



There will be plenty of hands-on activities for visitors of all ages at the GMIT stand. Join them for some fun and sometimes challenging demos! Sports Science activities, get to grips with using a microscope, lose yourself in our 3D reality apps, or unleash your inner “CSI” by trying some of our forensic activities.


#5. Find out how to treat disease with Boston Scientific


Visit the Boston Scientific stand to see how they work to improve patients’ lives. Join them to explore the human body, while learning about the technology and products made at BSC Galway that aid in treating disease in a minimally invasive way.


#6. Watch Valeo’s Driverless Car in Action


You don’t need a ticket to watch Valeo’s R&D engineers with their driverless car in the car park. See first-hand how an autonomous car interprets the world around it using cutting-edge computer vision and multi-sensor fusion. These technologies are sure to contribute to a safer world, with cars that actually know you are human and track your movements to ensure your safety, pretty cool! Not to be missed!

10:00: AEB – Automatic Emergency Braking (automatic emergency braking and haptic feedback on objects and pedestrians (including flank-Guard [360-Near-shield]).

11:00: RPA – (Remote Park Assist) Automated remote parking using a mobile phone.

12:00: AP- Automated parking demo, this involves automated parking between vehicles and on lines on the ground.

13:00: Park4U home – Home-Parking demonstration (trained parking).

14:00: AEB – Automatic Emergency Braking (automatic emergency braking and haptic feedback on objects and pedestrians (including flank-Guard [360-Near-shield]).

15:00: RPA – (Remote Park Assist) Automated remote parking using a mobile phone.

16:00: AP- Automated parking demo, this involves automated parking between vehicles and on lines on the ground.

17:00: Park4U home – Home-Parking demonstration (trained parking).


#7. Find Out How Humans will Communicate in the Future with Fidelity



At the Fidelity Investments Innovation Station investigate how we will communicate in the future. By 2018 30% of computer interactions will be through voice, Fidelity explores how customers will be served on the voice platforms they choose.


#8. Learn About the Human Body with Creganna/TE Communications


Come and visit the Creganna booth and learn all about the human body and the devices doctors use to treat their patients. There will be lots of fun and games too!


#9. Play World Renowned Games with Romero Games


Visit Romero Games and Spooky Doorway Games in the foyer of the Bailey Allen Hall.  Romero Games will feature Gunman Taco Truck and interactive video play of Doom while Spooky Doorway Games will demo their Dark Side Detective Game.


#10. Play Star Wars with EA Galway



Come and join the EA Galway team in the Bank of Ireland theatre. There will be presentations from two different departments where you can learn about working in the gaming industry. Their recruitment team will have a stand so you can understand what skills you need to work for EA.


They’ll have multiplayer consoles set-up with our new releases: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need for Speed 2 and SIMS 4. They are also bringing a VR headset and games for you to try out too.


For younger brothers and sisters, there’s a bean bag area, so there is something for all the family. They might even have some games to give away!


And for the Star Wars fan in the house, the 1595 Club Ireland will be doing lightsaber fight live demonstrations in the outside space in front of the BOI theatre!


#11. Play Aerosol Bubble Bingo with Aerogen



Come along to the Aerogen stand to see how liquid medicine can be transformed into aerosol. We will have fun games such as The Aerosol Maze & Aerosol Bubble Bingo for all the family to enjoy!

#12. Bring Your Teddy to The Teddy Bear Hospital



Don’t forget to bring your teddy and visit the NUIG Sláinte Society mini Teddy Bear Hospital! No appointment or ticket needed. Teddy will undergo an X-ray, make a trip to the surgery and maybe even get an injection!


#13. See a Drone in Action with the EPA


The Environmental Protection Agency will take part in the Galway Science Festival for the first time this year. They’re bringing along a drone, the radon house and some detective bugs.


#14. Try out the RSA Simulator


Try your wits in the RSA Simulator which is highly effective in encouraging people to use safety belts. The simulator is a car body fitted to a rotating hydraulic platform and demonstrates how it would feel if you were in a car which turned over in a collision, and the lifesaving benefits of wearing a seatbelt should this occur. Participants sit into the simulator and experience a half or a full rotation.


#15. Meet Marine Life with Marine Explorers



Drop by and meet the Marine Explorers Education Programme™ team, where you can view some of Ireland’s amazing marine life in the Explorers “nobby boat” display. Learn about how the ocean affects your everyday life, and how you can effect the ocean. The Explorers Education Programme™ is run by Galway Atlantaquaria and funded by the Marine Institute.


#16. See 3D Printing in Action with the Digital Makers Space


The Digital Makers Space promotes the digital creativity being undertaken in Galway particularly by young people in areas such as electronics, 3D printing and computer coding. These groups are: Athenry Coderdojo; Galway City Coderdojo sponsored by SAP; 091 Labs (embracing hackerspace); Galway Techspace (in association with Foroige); Galway Gaming Tribes; CompSoc NUIG.


#17. Enjoy Some Busking with The Physics Buskers



Wander up to the Concourse and find The Physics Buskers, run by the Irish Science on Stage team, a collaboration between the Institute of Physics Ireland and CASTEL of DCU. You’ll be amazed by demonstrations of Archimedes Law of Forces, windmills, rockets, and much, much more! Take a few minutes and you can even make a simple musical instrument to take home.


#18. See Brain Tricks in Action at My Amazing Brain


My Amazing Brain: Experience various interactive displays, brain games and brain tricks at the ‘My Amazing Brain’ exhibition workshops. Learn about the brain and nervous system, test your mirror writing skills and hand eye motor coordination, look at brain tissue through a microscope, be fooled by optical illusions, see your brain waves and play a game based on brain wave activity.


#19. Find out about telescopes with Galway Astronomy Club



Galway Astronomy Club will have various scopes and other astronomy stuff set up, and they will be on hand to offer advice and tips to any who want it.


#20. Enjoy Origami with Tom Cuffe



Come along and learn about the ancient Eastern art form of folding paper. Transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding techniques. Discover that the principles of origami have been used in the development of stents, packaging, motor industry, engineering structures and by NASA in the deployment of solar panels in space.


#21. Find out about Optical Illusions with Junior Achievement

Optical illusions – The world is full of optical illusions and things aren’t always the way they appear! There is no magic involved, no strings attached, it’s all in your head!


Light & Reflection – Examine the principle of reflection and how this applies to everyday life. Try the mirror writing activity at their stand – it’s a lot of fun once your brain figures out how to do it!


#22. See What Fun Science & Tech Projects That Schools Have Been Working On


Support all the amazing schools that are coming along to show off their Science and Technology projects. These are the schools that will be at the Exhibition Day 2017:

Primary Schools

Lawrencetown NS; Scoil Bhride Mionloch; Merlin Woods NS; St John the Apostle Knocknacarra; Gaelscoil de Íde Oranmore; Scoil Mhuire Moycullen; Kilglass NS; Scoil Mhuire Clarinbridge; Craughwell NS; Scoil an Chroí Íosa, Galway City; St Theresa’s NS Cashel; Coolarne NS; Creggs National School

Secondary Schools

Coláiste Bhaile Chláir; Davitt College Castlebar; St Killian’s College, Coláiste na bPiarsach; St Mary’s College


If you’re sharing photos on your social media channels, use hashtag #galwayscience


Enjoy the day! And do let us know how you enjoyed the Exhibition – you can find us on Facebook and Twitter @galwaysciencefe.