9 Marvellous Marine/Nature Things To Do at the 2017 GSTF Exhibition Day

Do you have a budding marine scientist or nature lover in the house? There are some fantastic marine and nature themed events taking place at this year’s Exhibition Day on Sunday 26th November. Here are 9 Marvellous Marine/Nature Things To Do at the 2017 GSTF Exhibition Day:



All events at the GSTF are free. School events can be booked here and online booking for free tickets to events and shows at the Festival Exhibition Sunday 26th November will open on Saturday 18th November at www.galwayscience.eventbrite.ie


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1. Create instant 3D maps with The Marine Institute



The Marine Institute’s INFOMAR seabed mapping team – using Xbox gaming technology and a sandbox – will be showing how to forge instant 3D maps in the sand reflecting the depths and features of the ocean floor that are thousands of metres beneath the Atlantic Ocean, including hydrothermal vents, Ireland’s continental shelf, and even a shipwreck or two. A model of Ireland’s national research vessel RV Celtic Explorer, the ship used in Ireland’s marine research, will also be on display.

Find them: at the Bailey Allen Hall


2. Touch Amazing Seashore Animals with the Explorers Education Programme



Drop by and meet the Marine Explorers Education Programme™ team, where you can see lots of amazing seashore animals in the Explorers ‘Nobby boat’ touch tank display as well as learn about the importance of our ocean. The Explorers Education Programme™ is run by Galway Atlantaquaria and funded by the Marine Institute.

Find them: at the Bailey Allen Hall


3. Find out about nature at The Outdoor Classroom

The Terryland Forest Park will have scientists from NUI Galway and Galway Field Studies Centre providing details of the Outdoor Classroom and Outdoor Laboratory initiative which offers secondary schools a unique range of scientific programmes ranging from grassland ecology workshops including sampling methods for flora and fauna, and exploring keys for species identification.

Find them: at the Bailey Allen Concourse


4. See a drone up close with the Environmental Protection Agency


The Environmental Protection Agency will take part in the Galway Science Festival for the first time this year. They will feature their drone, the radon house, live bugs which give an indication of water quality and some lab and noise monitoring equipment. There will be lots of information on the work of the EPA including the ‘Stop food waste’ programme, information on private wells, septic tanks and illegal dumping and will offer advice on how you can help protect the environment we live in.


Find them: at Orbsen Building Concourse – Green Zone


5. Marine Biodiscovery

The workshop “Marine Biodiscovery: from the bottom of the sea to the pharmacy” will show the different steps of Marine Biodiscovery, from discovery of marine biodiversity, chemical studies and examples of marine-derived drugs. The display will include aquariums with marine invertebrates and a demonstration of chemical extraction.


Children will be able to discover several marine organisms such as sponges, algae and sea cucumbers. They will also discover that many marine organisms contain molecules with medical properties and how these can be obtained from the organisms.


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6. Find out what insects and spiders use to walk on walls with Exploring Under the Microscope



An interactive session to introduce children to microscopes and their use to discover the world around us. Children will investigate insects and spiders and what tools they use to walk on walls!

Find them: at Geography Rooms
Workshop details: Workshops last 30 mins, suitable for parents & children ages 5+
Workshop times: 11.00 : 12.00 : 13.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00


7. Extract DNA from a banana at Fantastic DNA



The Fantastic DNA! Workshop has 2 discovery activities based around DNA, the key molecule to life. Participants will extract DNA from a banana and build a DNA model! Fantastic DNA is supported by a SFI Discover award.

Find them: at Arts & Science Concourse – Blue Zone
Workshop details: Workshops last 30 mins, suitable for parents & children ages 6+
Workshop times: 11.00 : 12.00 : 13.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00


8. Meet tarantulas and spiders with Bug Doctor



Stick and leaf insects, giant snails, tarantulas, scorpions, giant centipedes, train millipedes, snakes and the lizards all seen up close!

Find them: upstairs Bailey Allen Hall – Red Zone
Workshop details: workshops last 40 mins, suitable for parents & children All ages
Workshop times: 10.00 : 11.00 : 12.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00 : 17.00


9. Go on a Mission to Mars with the Biochemical Society


Mission to Mars: Operation green fingers. NASA is currently looking into the possibility of humans living in space. You are an Astrobiologist part of the team looking into the creation of new crops to grow on other planets. By learning about conditions on Mars, and life adaptations to extreme environments, you will design plants that can live outside of Earth!

Sponsored by Biochemical Society and the Galway Science & Technology Festival.

Find them: at Geography Rooms – Blue Zone
Workshop details: workshops last 30 min and are suitable for parents and children 10+
Workshop times: 11.00 : 12.30 : 14.00: 15.30


Galway Science and Technology Festival (13th – 26th November) is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s national Science Week 2017 #believeinscience.