“Little Cells” school visits for the primary school Junior cycle

Little Cells


Developed in collaboration with Dr How Science Wows, we propose an novel interactive session introducing the junior cycle of primary school to the concept of cells that form our body. Through interactive play and hands on projects the children will learn the basic components of a cell and their role in the cell’s life. They will also gain an understanding into how different cells have specific functions and shapes within different parts of the body. The workshop will be interactive and based on game and creative activities.

This activity is funded by a bursary from the Galway Science Festival.

Teachers must be in attendance at all times during events. The show is suitable for children aged 5 – 8 years

Suitable for: Primary School Students, from Junior infants to 2nd class
Shows: 30 students, 1 hour duration.
Venue: Classroom
Available: 11th – 22nd of November