Kitchen Chemistry Showing Kids How to Get Hands-On With Chemistry

One of the highlight events of the 2017 Galway Science and Technology Festival will be the workshops provided by Kitchen Chemistry who have been involved with the Festival for more than five years. We asked Adele Gabba, PhD student, and one of the organisers to tell us about Kitchen Chemistry:



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1. Tell us a bit about Kitchen Chemistry


Kitchen Chemistry is a student run body, the purpose of which is to spread scientific awareness at all levels and to encourage a solid interest in various fields of chemistry. Its final objectives are to develop a public consciousness for scientific research and guide society in supporting, recognizing the figure of researchers and to educate the academic/students/researcher in scientific communication.


2. Tell us about your 2017 GSTF event and what you have planned! What is it called ?


Our proposed workshop involves hands-on chemistry experiments which can be performed by all the family! The experiments are designed for children of age 7 to 12 but everyone is welcome. The activities generally require chemicals that are commonly found in a typical household. This means that the chemistry on display is applicable to everyday life and you will be able to repeat the experiments at home!


3. When are the workshops taking place and where?


Workshops will be at the Orbsen Building at the GSTF Exhibition Day on Sunday 26 November.



4. Who is it suitable for?


Parents & children up to age 12


5. Why is Galway Science and Technology Festival important to you?


For Kitchen Chemistry, the Festival is an important occasion to reach children and for families to get the chance to work together on common experiments.


6. What can children look forward to seeing at your workshop ?


If you would like to meet a real chemist, prepare an atomic model, create your own polymer and see other exciting experiments the Kitchen Chemistry workshop is the right place for you. The students and staff of the School of Chemistry at NUIG are looking forward to meeting you!

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Galway Science and Technology Festival (13th – 26th November) is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s national Science Week 2017 #believeinscience.