Cell Exploration – “Fantastic DNA”

 Fantastic DNA sponsors

Our show on DNA discovery and hands on practice of cellular and molecular biology is back this year to visit schools in Galway County!

Budding explorers will discover DNA by building a DNA double helix and extracting DNA from banana’s to take home. Every participant will practice all activities

The Cell EXPLORERS roadshow is supported by a SFI DSE award.

Priorities will be given to Galway county schools which have not received the visit of a festival science show within the last two years.

Participants feedback:


  • I loved when the cell EXPLORERS came to our school because we never get to do experiments and it was really funny working in groups.
  • You did a great job and I want you to come back next year.
  • Does not need to be explained again you guys did a brilliant job. I had super fun. Thanks for coming.
  • I think I learned a lot because it was really really good.
  • It changed my view on science because it was really fun.


  • The information was pitched at their level and the children were immediately engaged and interested.
  • I found that the presentation was short and clear to give the children more time to be doing the activity
  • It was pitched at the children’s level. There was a perfect balance between theory and practical work. The session was highly organised with an isntructor for every small group.
  • I was very impressed with how organised the whole session was. There was just the right mix between presentation and hands on work.
  • Having individual tutor for each group meant that each child could be monitored carefully and helped throuhg the experiments
  • Age appropriate, imaginative, highly stimulating and educational! The children adored the hands on, ‘college level’ process!
  • I loved how each group had their own helper. This meant that each group were kept focused at all times and had guided assiatance if and when needed. Session was hands-on! Children love to be involved
  • Excellent format of session. Presentation good. Ratio of students to pupils excellent. Teachers manual has excellent resources listed, has wonderful layout – well done to all concerned!
  • I thought it was very well organised interesting and picthed well. The hands-on activities were great. The class seemed really enjoy it.
  • It was very practical and an interesting topic for the children. The fact that they could go home with an actual DNA sample was very exiting for the kids. The session was very well organised and the demonstrators were great with the groups!

Teachers must be in attendance at all times during events. The show is suitable for children aged 8 – 12

Suitable for: Primary School Students

Shows: 30 students, 1 hour duration; choose between “Amazing cells” or “fantastic DNA”.

Venue: Classroom

Also available at the 2013 Galway Science & Technology Final Day Exhibition on Sunday 24th Novmeber at NUI Galway.