2017 Science Festival Exhibition – Details of Shows & Workshops to follow

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The Amazing Galway Science & Technology Exhibition 

Ireland’s largest and most amazing Science & Technology Festival Exhibition takes place in Galway on Sunday 26th November at NUI Galway from 10am – 6pm.  Families are invited to come and explore the Final Day Exhibition where over 80 exciting exhibits and over 30 science shows and workshops will be available to attend.  Details to follow.

Fantastic exhibitions by world leading companies including Medtronic, Cisco, Boston Scientific, Creganna, Fidelity, Valeo, Aerogen,  NUI Galway, the Marine Institute and GMIT.  This year the Game Zone will include world renowned EA GAmes along with the creators of Doom, Romero Games and ten other Galway based gaming companies – all not to be missed.  Tickets for shows and workshops will be available on www.galwayscience.eventbrite.ie on Saturday 18th November at 11am, all shows, workshops and the Exhibition are free to attend.

‘The yearly Galway Science & Technology Festival Exhibition is as big in our house as birthdays and Christmas’ from a parent who attended the 2015 Exhibition

Sunday Exhibition details:

Venue: NUI Galway (The Bailey Allen Hall; The Orbsen Building; IT Building; Arts & Science Concourse; The Aula Maxima; Martin Ryan Institute; Engineering Building)

Shows and workshop: Tickets (70%) for the shows and workshops will be released on www.galwayscience.eventbrite.ie on Saturday 18th November at 11am – (in 2016 4,800 tickets were booked on the release day so don’t delay.  30% of seats will be retained for people to queue on the day.)

Free Parking:  Ample parking available at the Corrib Village and a free shuttle bus to the Campus.
Refreshments:  Smokey’s Restaurant & An Bhialann – Arts & Science Concourse; Moffett’s Restaurant – Orbsen Building; College Bar – beside the entrance to the Bailey Allen Hall; Coffee On Line – IT Building

 Exhibitions, Shows and Workshops:

2017 Galway Science & Technology Festival – Details on Shows and Workshops

Exhibition Stands

Bailey Allen Hall

Medtronic’s stand at the festival this year will incorporate the perennial product demos to wow the kids and discuss with the parent, a raffle on the half hour, iPad games and an immersive “Kids Hospital” giving every child the opportunity to be a doctor for the day., dress up and perform an operation and have a picture to remember the experience to take away with them.

NUI Galway  

There is something for everyone in the NUI Galway exhibition at the Bailey Allen Hall. Meet the GEEC (Galway Energy Efficient Car) and its design team, explore a marine habitat, look at blood cells under the microscope, create some mathematical art to take home, interact with robots, try your hand as a cell biologist, hear about the latest developments in stem cell therapies, and witness some amazing physics close up. Brought to you by students and staff in Science, Medicine, Engineering and Informatics from NUI Galway.

Boston Scientific  

This year the Boston Scientific exhibition provides young people with a taste of how we work to improve patients’ lives. At the stand you will learn to explore the human body, while learning about the technology and products made at BSC Galway that aid in treating disease in a minimally invasive way.


Cisco is a fun interactive stand showing the latest in technology, with plenty of fun activities for kids of all ages to engage with, including robots, engines & trains, video & phones, artificial intelligence and much more ……


GMIT’s exhibition stands will be an interactive learning and development space where visitors can explore a range of science, technology and engineering activities.

Marine Institute The Marine Institutes INFOMAR seabed mapping team  – using Xbox gaming technology  and a sandbox – will be showing how to forge instant 3D maps in the sand reflecting the depths and features of the ocean floor that are thousands of metres beneath the Atlantic Ocean, including hydrothermal vents, Ireland’s continental shelf, and even a shipwreck or two. A model of Ireland’s national research vessel RV Celtic Explorer, the ship used in Ireland’s marine research, will also be on display.
Explorers Education Programme Drop by and meet the Marine Explorers Education Programme™ team, where you can see lots of amazing seashore animals in the Explorers ‘Nobby boat’ touch tank display as well as learn about the importance of our ocean. The Explorers Education Programme™ is run by Galway Atlantaquaria and funded by the Marine Institute.
Fidelity At the Fidelity Investments Innovation Station investigate how we will communicate in the future

Come and visit our booth and learn all about the human body and the devices doctors use to treat their patients. There will be lots of fun and games too!

Aerogen Come along to the Aerogen stand to see how liquid medicine can be transformed into aerosol. We have a fun games such as The Aerosol Maze & Aerosol Bubble Bingo for all the family to enjoy!
Valeo Come and see a cool mirror free Valeo demo car with all the latest technology.
Galway Astronomy Club  

We’ll have various scopes and other stuff set up, booklets and brochures to hand out, back issues of Astronomy Ireland to give out and we’ll be on hand to offer advice and tips to any who want it.
This year we’ll have a free raffle for a telescope, courtesy of our good friends at http://www.ktectelescopes.ie

Schools exhibiting Primary Schools: Milltown NS; Cregmore NS; St John of Apostle Knocknacarra; Annaghdown NS; Cashel NS: Gaelscoil Mhic Amhlaigh; St Patrick’s Boys School; Gaelscoil De Hide; Coolarne NS; Merlin Woods NS


Secondary Schools: St Pauls – Oughterard; Glenamaddy Community College;  St Killian’s New Inn; Calasanctius College, Oranmore; Colaiste Bhaile Clair


Bailey Allen Concourse
Origami by Tom Cuffe  

Come along and learn about the ancient Eastern art form of folding paper.
Transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding techniques.
Discover that the principles of origami have been used in the development of stents, packaging, motor
industry, engineering structures and by NASA in the deployment of solar panels in space.

BT Young Scientist  

The winners of the 2017 BT Young Scientist – Maria Louise Fufezan, Diana Bura showcase their winning project ‘An Investigation into the Effects of Enzymes used in Animal Feed Additives on the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans’

Digital Makers space  

We will have a Digital Makers space section at the Fair this year, promoting the digital creativity being undertaken in Galway particularly by young people in areas such as electronics, 3D printing and computer coding.  These  groups are: Athenry Coderdojo; Galway City Coderdojo; 091 Labs (embracing hackerspace); Galway Techspace (in assocoation with Foroige); Galway Gaming Tribes; CompSoc NUIG.

The Outdoor Classroom  

The Terryland Forest Park will have scientists from NUI Galway and Galway Field Studies Centre providing details of the Outdoor Classroom and Outdoor Laboratory initiative which offers secondary schools a unique range of scientific programmes ranging from grassland ecology workshops including sampling methods for flora and fauna, and exploring keys for species identification.

Award Ceremony

TBC Presentation of the best school exhibits, special recognition award and ReelLife Science winners 3pm  


Room or Area Profile Suitability


Bailey Allen Hall – Red Zone
Gaming Zone The Cube/Stage  

Galway’s Games Developers come together to put on an amazing display for the first time at the Exhibition.  Come see world renowned EA Games, and Romero Games and other games including Sub-Species; Terra; Darkside Detective; Junkship Dog; Biker Mice From Mars and much much more.  Not to be missed

Parents & children 10.30 : 11.30 : 12.30 : 13.30 : 14.30 : 15.30 : 16.30
K’nex Workshop The Space – upstairs  

A colourful, fun workshop focussing on spatial building systems for all to enjoy.

Children only – Ages 6 to 10


45 mins

10.15 : 11.15 : 12.15 : 13.15 : 14.15 : 15.15 : 16.15
Bug Doctor Meeting Room 1 – upstairs  

Stick and leaf insects, giant snails, tarantulas, scorpions, giant centipedes, train millipedes, snakes and the lizards all seen up close!

Parents & children   All ages


40 mins

10.00 : 11.00 : 12.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00 : 17.00
True Physics Arus Uí Cathail – beside the Bailey Allen Hall as you walk to the Orbsen Building Find out how planes fly with hovering sweets to exploring rockets and air cannons. Experience the fun of science by creating waves and play musical instruments from twirling tubes to boom whackers. Parents & children   All ages


45 mins

11.30 : 13.00 : 14.15 : 15.30 : 16.45
Exploration Dome Outside the Bailey Allen Hall  

OASIS IN SPACE transports the audience on a startling

and beautiful voyage through our universe, galaxy and

solar system in search of liquid water, a key ingredient

for life on Earth.


We invite you to journey through the solar system and gaze at beautiful images of the planets and their satellites. We start by exploring Earth, with its vast oceans that make life possible. One by one, we fly by the other planets and moons, accompanied by full descriptions of their characteristics, such as atmosphere, temperature, and composition. Spectacular pictures invite audiences to draw their own conclusions about the other orbiting bodies in our solar system: is there water out there? Is there

life beyond Earth?

Parents & children All ages


40 mins


10.00 : 11.00 : 12.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00 : 17.00
Orbsen Building Concourse
IT Building – Green Zone
Sue McGrath’s Science of Bubbles IT250  

Have you ever wondered why bubbles float? Why we can see rainbows in bubbles? Why bubbles are round? Can we make bubbles in other liquids? What is the secret behind big bubbles?  Sue will attempt to show many incredible bubble tricks and then relate them to Science.

Parents & children   All ages


45 mins

12.00 : 13.30 : 15.00 : 16.15
The Mad Scientist – Sparxl the Electricity Show ITG125  

Electrical energy, other types of energy, making

lightning, seeing electricity, making electricity from

sound, hair-raising electricity, static & current


Parents & children    Up to age 10


40 mins

11.30 : 12.45 : 14.00 : 15.15 : 16.30
Dr. How’s Science Wows Science of Sound Workshop IT202  

Touch it, feel it, make it, see it, hear it! The Science of Sound… a fun packed, interactive event.  Learn how we can make sound, test how it travels, see how we can use it and recreate some fun special effects.

Parents & children   All ages


40 mins

11.30 : 12.30 : 14.30 : 15.30 : 16.30
‘Go Fly your Kite’ – STEM workshop IT203 A great new workshop to 2016:

History of kite flying

How does a kite fly?

Physics of kites

Forces of nature

Assembly of the kite

Designing your own kite

Children only need tickets 10.30 : 11.45 : 13.00 : 15.00 : 16.15
Kitchen Chemistry IT204  

The Kitchen Chemistry show will be a hands on exploration of colourful and fun chemistry experiments. We’ll have a lot of hands on experiment! Build up your atomic model and prepare a bouncy ball!  We’ll even show you how to do the experiments at home.


Parents & children    Up to age 10


40 mins

10.30 : 11.30 : 12.30 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00
Great Balloon Race IT207 Explore and learn about the general principles and concept of gravity.  Build your own hot air balloon, decorate the basket and balloon and choose a variety of objects as the cargo for the hot air balloon race.  Then the challenge begins to fly the hot air balloon to the ceiling the slowest wins.


Children only       Up to age 8


40 mins

11.00 : 12.00 : 13.00 : 14.30 : 15.30 : 16.30
Arts & Science Concourse – Blue Zone
The Physics Buskers

Institute of



Using everyday household items, our team of Physics

Buskers, all volunteers who range from experienced

science teachers to entrepreneurial researchers,

explain a variety of physics concepts to the passing

public so as to impact on the public’s interest and

attitudes towards science and its relevance to everyday


Parents & Children Buskers
3D Digital Design by WhizzKids AC201  

Learn how to create your own 3D house/castle. This workshop is ideal for people that prefer logic and process oriented projects as well as those with an interest in creativity and design. It allows projects to be brought to life in a new and exciting manner.

Children only    Suitable ages 10-14


45 mins

11.00 : 12.00 : 13.00 : 15.00 : 16.00
Fantastic DNA AC202  

The Fantastic DNA! Workshop has 2 discovery activities based around DNA, the key molecule to life. Participants will extract DNA from a banana and build a DNA model! Fantastic DNA is supported by a SFI Discover award.

Parents & children   Suitable ages 6+

30 mins

11.00 : 12.00 : 13.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00
Little Cells AC203  

This new session introduces young children to the concept of cells through playing visual and tactile games to discover the human body and some of the cells that it is made of. Children will make their own cell from jumping clay and take it home!

Children only   Suitable ages 4 – 8 years old


30 mins


Capacity 35

11.00 : 12.00 : 13.00 : 14.00 : 15.00 : 16.00